We are Integrity

At X-ELIO, we are strongly committed to the highest international standards of integrity and to ensuring an ethical business conduct among our employees, investors and business partners.

As a result of our commitment, we have adopted, implemented and constantly monitor a comprehensive and solid Compliance Program, based on our Code of Ethics and Compliance Policies, which are known to all X-ELIO employees and available through this website.

We thrive by ensuring that the entire company, partners and suppliers share the same compliance culture and adapt it to their environment in line with their needs and local regulations.

Compliance Documents

X-ELIO's governance system has a series of programmes, policies and procedures that reflect the values set out in the company.

These values are promoted by X-ELIO's governing bodies through the implementation of X-ELIO's Code of Ethics and X-ELIO's Compliance Policies on several matters.

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