X-ELIO, ACERA y REDEG se unen para impulsar la formación de mujeres en el sector energético de Chile

X-ELIO participates in this initiative through its Community Plan Program under the leadership of the Chilean Association of Renewable Energy and Storage (ACERA) and the Network for Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDEG).

Through this program, young female students will be able to access mentoring to acquire new skills in the renewable energy sector in Chile, an area where men predominate in about 80% of the sector.

Madrid, 20th of October 2021 – X-ELIO, a leading global company specialized in the development, operation, financing and maintenance of sustainable energy projects, has launched a joint initiative with ACERA (Chilean Association of Renewable Energy and Storage) and REDEG (Network for Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) for the implementation of a mentoring program aimed to promote women in the renewable energy sector in the country. The initiative is also sponsored by Chile’s Ministry of Energy.

This action is deployed under X-ELIO’s “Community Plan” program, a series of local and regional actions that reaffirm its commitment to the socioeconomic development of the communities in which it operates, under the pillars of environment, education, health and community.

This scholarship program is aimed at young university students, residents of the Antofagasta Region, who are in their final year, have graduated or are in the process of graduating from technical or professional careers in STEM areas. Throughout this program, the participants will have an internal mentor from X-ELIO who will accompany and guide them in the acquisition of new knowledge and tools.

Some of the main objectives of this project are to bring awareness to the role and capabilities of women in contributing to local economies and sustainability; to promote the participation of women in the energy industry, historically dominated by a male majority and with a low presence of females in the total number of workers; to strengthen the development of professional skills and the creation of a Regional Network of Professional Women, and to promote economic reactivation and labour inclusion, among others.

The launch of this program will be through a public online event with the participation of some notable members, such as the executive director of REDEG, Lilian Denham, the executive director of ACERA, Carlos Finat, and the “seremi” of Energy of the Antofagasta region, Aldo Erazo.

“The inclusion of women in the energy industry, and specifically in the area of renewable energies, is one of the main challenges facing the sector. From X-ELIO we are very excited to be part of this breakthrough and we are convinced that such initiatives will be very beneficial both for the local economy and for the sector in general. There is a lot of female talent in the sector and it is our responsibility to put it in value.”

Armando Gómez, Country Manager of X-ELIO LATAM

About X-ELIO:

X-ELIO (www.X-ELIO.com) is a company specialized in the development, construction, financing and operation of solar power plants and sustainable energy development with a global presence in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Japan and Australia. The firm has 16 years of experience with more than 2.6 GW built. In 2020, it achieved more than 300 million euros in revenues. The group is a world leader in renewable and sustainable energy, with a strong commitment to greenhouse gas reduction and the fight against climate change.




About ACERA:

The Chilean Association of Renewable Energy and Storage, ACERA A.G., was founded in 2003, and today groups around 150 members, including developers, generators and domestic and foreign suppliers, throughout the value chain of the renewable energy industry.


About REDEG:

REDEG (Red por la Equidad de Género, Diversidad e Inclusión) is a global consultancy and private agency with the capacity to act and promote actions, practices and policies in favour of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and non-discrimination in the labour market in Chile and Latin America. They are dedicated to consulting, technical advice and training on issues of Gender, Migrants, Generations, LGTBI Community and people with disabilities.


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