X-ELIO donates nearly 1000 solar panels to spanish high schools to promote education and circular economy

  • Eight high schools in five Spanish provinces will receive solar panels from the projects developed by X-ELIO in different geographical areas for its study and use.
  • The aim of the action is, on the one hand, to promote education on renewable energies among the younger generations, contributing to the development of their practical and technical skills and, on the other hand, to continue to support sustainability and the circular economy, giving a second life to these solar panels.

Madrid, 5 June 2023.

X-ELIO, a leading global company specialising in the development of renewable energy projects, is donating almost 1,000 panels to eight schools in five Spanish provinces for educational, environmental and research purposes.

The secondary schools IES Doctor Fleming (Asturias), IES Caurium (Cáceres), IES Javier García Téllez (Cáceres), IES Zurbarán (Cáceres), IES Cuatro Caminos Don Benito (Badajoz), IES Navarro Santafé (Alicante), IES Cotes Baixes (Alicante) and IES ACCI Granada (Granada), will receive these solar panels, which will be used for the training of students.

With this donation, X-ELIO continues, on the one hand, its commitment to sustainability and circular economy, giving a second life to its solar panels; and, on the other hand, promoting education and training in schools, through awareness of the impact of energy consumption on the environment and how to reduce the carbon footprint by making use of renewable energy.

This action, part of X-ELIO´s Community Plan, demonstrates the company’s commitment not only with the environment, but also the education, health and social and economic well-being.

Isabel Ruíz Franco, ESG Manager of X-ELIO, says “It is an honour for us to be able to foster cooperation between business and education by making our resources available to promote training in the field of sustainable energy. Collaborating on initiatives like this, aligned with our mission to operate responsibly, serves to further sustainable education for young people and promote the circular economy, goals that are part of X-ELIO´s DNA”.

The Energy and Water and Electricity-Electronics departments of IES CUATRO CAMINOS say, “We are grateful for X-ELIO´s generous contribution to the training of our students. Their support encourages us to continue to engage with them in order to achieve our goal of employment, while at the same time supporting a cleaner and healthier environment through the use of renewable energies”.

Juan Francisco Payo Moralejo, Principal of IES Javier García Téllez, says “I would like to thank the company X-ELIO for the donation of 20 solar panels, which will allow students enrolled in the Higher Level Training Cycle in Renewable Energies to complement their training by carrying out practical work with real materials. In order to achieve quality training, it is necessary the involvement and collaboration of companies, such as X-ELIO, that help us to train prepared and qualified professionals. We would like to thank the company for its contribution”.

IES ACCI Granada comments, “We are delighted to participate in initiatives shared by companies like X-ELIO and educational centres like ours. The present and future of the productive sector depends to a large extent on the collaboration between VET and companies”.

Fernando Esteban, Head of Renewable Energy Department of IES Caurium, says “X-ELIO´s generous and disinterested contribution to our centre is a boost to the teaching of our modules, since, thanks to it, our students will be able to carry out practical work, quality evaluations and parameterisation and configuration of installations from an absolutely tangible point of view. Once again, it is clear that public-private collaboration is a firm commitment in the education sector and should be a model to be imitated by all agents involved in the coming times”.

From IES Zurbarán in Navalmoral de la Mata, “We would like to thank the company X-ELIO for their 90 solar panel donations for the training of our Higher-Level Training Cycle in Renewable Energies’ students”.

About X-ELIO:

X-ELIO specialises in the development, construction, financing and operation of renewable energy projects with a global presence in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Japan and Australia. The company has 18 years of experience with more than 2.8 GW built. The group is a world leader in the development of renewable and sustainable energy, with a strong commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gasses and the fight against climate change.




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