X-ELIO creates, in collaboration with the University of Granada, the Chair ‘Cátedra X-ELIO – Villa Romana del Cortijo del Canal’ in Albolote

  • The “Cátedra X-ELIO – Villa Romana Cortijo del Canal” chair was created with the aim of developing research, restoration, conservation and enhancement of the archaeological site of the Villa Romana Cortijo del Canal.
  • This partnership is part of X-ELIO’s Sustainable Communities Programme, a project with education, environment, communities and health as its pillars.

Madrid, 23 june 2023. – X-ELIO, a leading global company specialising in the development of renewable energy projects, has created the X-ELIO – Villa Romana Cortijo del Canal Chair in collaboration with the University of Granada. The objective of this cooperation is the research, restoration, conservation and enhancement of the archaeological site located in the vicinity of the Cubillas Reservoir, where Roman remains from the 1st to 3rd centuries A.D. can be found.

The company will finance the implementation of this chair, which will be developed entirely at the University of Granada. The main objective of the chair is the comprehensive analysis of the Roman Villa of Cortijo del Canal, as well as its immediate surroundings, which will give way in the future to a diachronic study of the entire area surrounding the Cubillas reservoir.

Throughout the month of June an archaeological excavation was carried out in the Roman production complex, in which both teachers and students from the Archaeology Department of the University of Granada took part. The results show a space in a good state of preservation dedicated to the production of foodstuffs. The great novelty is the discovery of the production of wine during the 1st-2nd century AD, a foodstuff for which there was little evidence of its production in the Baetica region until now. The researchers consider this discovery to be a future reference for the study of foodstuffs in Roman times.

This collaboration agreement is part of X-ELIO’s Sustainable Communities Programme, through which the company promotes regional and local actions aimed at promoting the socio-economic development of the regions. With this action, X-ELIO aims to highlight the value of the region and attract sustainable and quality tourism, while investing in training and education of experts and future visitors to the interpretation centre.

Salustiano Ureña, Mayor of Albolote pointed out that “it could be one of the economic and touristic revulsives of the future Albolote” and pointed out that “having such a delimited area highlights all the potential of the remains of the Roman civilisation, and that is very important to know also what our roots are”.

Arancha Martínez, Country Manager at X-ELIO in Spain states: “The creation of this chair in collaboration with the University of Granada will have a great social and cultural impact, as it will not only help in the rehabilitation and enhancement of an historically important site, but will also promote the practical training of all the chair’s students and the citizens who attend the various outreach activities framed in this agreement”.

Macarena Bustamante-Alvarez y Elena Sánchez, teachers at the Granada University added: The site is beginning to take shape as a place of vital importance for the knowledge of the production of two products, wine and oil, which were the economic driving force of ancient Hispania. In addition, this site will help to understand the interaction between the countryside and the surrounding cities, especially with the cities of Ilurco and Florentia”.

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