Green Hydrogen & HPA​

Green hydrogen is a promising clean fuel vector that would be indispensable to decarbonize non-electrifiable processes​.

X-ELIO’s proposal is based on the possibility for our customers to sign a tailor-made medium/long-term contract (HPA), where we not only provide solar Energy & Storage but also Green Hydrogen solutions​.

Green hydrogen is produced by using electricity to power an electrolyzer that separates hydrogen from the water molecule, producing oxygen.​ ​

If the electricity used to power the electrolyzer comes from renewable sources, such as solar power, then the hydrogen produced is green.

Why green hydrogen?

100% sustainable: Green hydrogen emits no polluting gases during combustion or production.​

Storable: hydrogen is easy to store, which allows it to be used later for other purposes and at different times from immediately after production.​

Versatile: green hydrogen can be converted into electricity or synthetic gas and used for domestic, commercial, industrial or mobility purposes.​

Transportable: it can be blended with natural gas at ratios of up to 20% and travel through the same gas pipelines and infrastructure - increasing this percentage would require the modification of different elements in existing gas networks to make them compatible.​

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