Solar PPA

We help you achieve your ESG targets through a tailor-made PPA from our solar assets​

More than 1 GW of PPAs provided to our partners

We support our local communities through proactive initiatives under our Community Plan Program.​

We are in a unique position to design and implement creative solutions adapted to your needs.​

Why a PPA?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows you to acquire electricity at a defined price for a predetermined period through an arrangement with a generator who owns and operates a power plant.

PPAs are one of the most efficient methods for achieving sustainability goals and adding new renewable energy to the grid.​

Benefit from environmental attributes and protect yourself from volatile electricity prices. ​

Virtual or physical?

VPPAs (financial PPA or synthetic PPA) is the usual mechanism for PPAs globally. In a VPPA there is no physical delivery of energy. The energy is sold into the wholesale market, while the buyer continues to get its electricity from its usual retail supplier.​

In Physical PPAs, the offtaker and the power producer share a grid that enables the physical delivery of power.

The PPA can be structured in different manners: a fixed price, a price floor, a collar…. Sleeving PPAs allow physical delivery trough a third party when the offtaker is on a different grid site. ​

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