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March 2024 Project Update

X-ELIO is pleased to share the revised footprint for the proposed Maxwell Downs Renewable Project. The team at X-ELIO have taken on board community concerns and feedback received through previous community engagement activities.

Maxwell Downs Renewable Project footprint, March 2024

The revised footprint incorporates a new site at Maxwell to the west which we anticipate will improve visual outcomes for neighbours. This change means there will be fewer impacted neighbours and will allow:

  • A more flexible layout that enables more options for solar panel siting, additional landscaping and design features.
  • Greater setbacks from neighbouring property boundaries.
  • Options to continue complementary agricultural activities, such as grazing and revegetation, within the site footprint.


Permitting process

This project will follow the standard State Significant Development Application (SSDA) process, which will be submitted to the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI) for assessment. A new SSDA process will commence based on the new footprint for which a timeline has not yet been confirmed.

Further studies, testing and assessments will be undertaken on the revised project site. These include soil survey and assessments; biodiversity studies; noise and visual impact assessments; and hydrology.

X-ELIO will provide the community with further information as the project progresses and the studies are completed.


Engaging with community

X-ELIO is committed to the Maxwell area and community for the long term.

There will be multiple opportunities throughout the planning and permitting process to provide feedback, share your concerns and ideas, and talk with us directly. We are keen to work with our neighbours and community about the revised footprint, specific mitigations for consideration, and opportunities for the project to bring meaningful benefits to the community.

We will continue to provide updates as we have more information. Additionally, you can contact us via email.



An extensive location and pre-feasibility connection assessment was conducted in 2021 which first informed the selection of the region and initial site. Among the many factors that were considered when choosing the project location, the key ones were:

  • Land suitability and environmental factors such as topography, soil and hydrology.
  • Proximity to grid infrastructure and network load capacity.
  • Existence of transmission lines within the site footprint.
  • Community and stakeholder feedback.
  • Proximity to NSW’s Renewable Energy Zones.
  • Site accessibility via road.
X-ELIO is aware of concerns regarding potential soil salinity, impacts on agricultural land and erosion. Further studies on soil and biodiversity impacts are currently being developed, and we will provide further information on this as we progress.

X-ELIO is also exploring opportunities for complementary agricultural activities, such as grazing and re-vegetation, within the project footprint.

We welcome information from the local community, which will help us to further understand concerns.

The revised design should assist to address some community concerns about visual amenity from the project. We are keen to understand any specific mitigations the community would like to suggest.

Further studies on noise and visual impact are being developed in the coming weeks and we can provide further information as it is available.

X-ELIO is keen for the local community to meaningfully benefit from the project. We welcome any suggestions from the local community. Our four Community Plan pillars are:

  • Education – actions that cover education development at all levels.
  • Environment – actions that focus on the preservation and improvement of the ecosystem.
  • Health – actions to achieve an eco friendly life in the community.
  • Communities – actions that target a healthy lifestyle and humanitarian aid.

You can read more online about our Community Plans.

If you want to get in touch with the project team please email

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