X-ELIO collaborates with Australian Monash University in the creation of an Innovation Hub

  • X-ELIO is joining the board of the hub, under the name of “Grid Innovation Hub” (GIH), to help steer a support cutting edge invocation and research projects which will support the critical transition of Australia’s energy industry
  • Through this collaboration, the company aims to promote technological research in the country, and to serve as a tool for development in this market
  • With X-ELIO’s support, GIH will undertake high quality interdisciplinary research to address the increasingly complex challenges faced by the Australian energy sector

Victoria, Australia, 7th February 2023.

X-ELIO, a leading global company specialized in the development, construction, financing, and operation of sustainable energy projects; has signed a partnership agreement with Monash University Energy Institute’s Grid Innovation Hub and Power Systems Consultants Australia to collaborate on conduct high quality interdisciplinary research to support the critical transition of Australia’s energy industry.

GIH brings together innovators, industry and researchers under the auspice of Monash University to develop and execute a three-year research agenda. The Hub Partner’s funds will be used to employ research staff and offer scholarships to PhD students working on the GIH program.

The Grid Innovation Hub aims to explore different questions regarding the subjects of National Energy Systems, Regional and Local Energy Systems and Customers and their Energy Systems while tackling two critical areas: the physical and the financial stability of the grid.

At the moment, the Hub is already developing projects in Australia, focused on improving the weak areas of the national grid, such as enhancing the stability of utility-scale renewables and studying the problem of storage integration into the NEM under the lens of economics.

The goal of this initiative is to help both grid owners and grid operators ensure that customers get the maximum value from these renewable farms located in weak areas of the grid. It will also increase the reliability and security of the grid in these areas.

This action continues to highlight X-ELIO’s role in Australia, a region to which the company has been greatly committed to since 2019, when it first started to develop projects in it, and where it aims to promote technological research in the country, and to serve as a tool for development in this market.

Belinda Fan, Country Manager of X-ELIO in Australia stated: “We are delighted to be part of Monash’s Grid Innovation Hub – a world-class research-industry collaboration. We hope our input can support the research and development of the Australian energy market sector, and a smooth and productive journey to a carbon-neutral economy. In this participation, X-ELIO reaffirms its commitment to be a part of Australia’s clean energy transition in the years to come.”

Professor Ariel Liebman, Director of the Monash Energy Institute and host of the Grid Innovation Hub at Monash University, added: “We’re excited to have Power System Consultants (PSC) and X-Elio joining the Hub. They will enable us to bring the best academic, business, and engineering knowledge to the challenges facing Australia’s national grid. They join our research partners across the University,”.”

About X-ELIO:

X-ELIO is specialized in the development, construction, financing and operation of sustainable energy projects with a global presence in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Japan and Australia. The firm has 17 years of experience with more than 2.6 GW built. The group is a world leader in the development of renewable and sustainable energy, with a strong commitment to greenhouse gas reduction and the fight against climate change.



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